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Jacobs deactivated (1 Viewer)


Just reported on FOX that Jacobs went from "active and 100%" according to Glazer during pregame to "Deactivated." Reported during Vikes halftime.

Would you bump up Ward big time seeing that he won't really be sharing too many carries. I wonder if the carries ratio will stay the same with Ward/Bradshaw vs Jacobs/Ward or will Ward see more action.

Predictions....I'm looking at Ward to carry more of the load here. Opinions???

I think Ward will get a majority of the carries but not by a whole lot, just speculation. Wish I knew this earlier, would have gone with Ward over Chris Johnson. Good job on the update though.

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Thanks Glazer ! Not..

He gave that 100 % going 5 mins before my deadline, so I put Jacobs back in starting line up !

Going for a play off spot too. crap..

I got screwed too. Read that he was in, so I started him. Had things to do, so no computer access, and I missed the update. That's zero is really going to hurt.

I gotta say, I am disappointed with footballguys on this. It is BIG NEWS after Jacobs was declared starting and then out. No email update.

Deleted my post... However, I do agree an email alert should have been appropriate given the circumstances.

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Yeah this hurt. Had Leon Washington in until I saw the probable next to The Beast's name and was convinced to put him in. 16 point swing or so. Killed my chance of the #1 seed but not a playoff spot. :ptts: He just better be healthy for the next 3 weeks.

Thanks BigJim!Got the change in, whew!
I put Jacobs in after hearing Glazer - that stinks. Nothing like a goose egg.
Yeah, that's too bad. Especially sucks at this time of the season. I wonder if Glazer's call will lead to guys missing the FF playoffs.
99% sure it's going to lead to my elimination in FFOC Vegas bracket.
Ouch. I bet if you pool people's cash together you can get a reasonably priced hitman
Saw the deactivation, but not the Glazer report, thankfully. It is possible that I would have started him ahead of Turner, which would have been bad. Very bad.

Its not often that keeping an eye on updates ends up hurting you. Sucks for those that made the change.

Good thing I forgot to take Ward out of my lineup when I saw that Jacobs was supposed to be active!!!


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