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Jacoby Brissett Free Agent FAAB Advice (1 Viewer)


I'm in year two of a superflex dynasty league and my QB's are Tom Brady and Kenny Pickett. Brissett is on the waiver wire and available. How much of my FAAB ($100) would ya'll recommend I bid to try and get him for 10 games this season? Half?
How many other teams need a QB? If few, I'd go $25, if more than a few, go higher. Without a QB, are you loaded up at another poistion you can put in for the flex and still be good? There will be weeks Brissett might have less than 10 pts. There is a chance Pickett starts week 1. If its not too late, watch Sundays steeler game. Tomlin is supposed to announce starters today, so at least check to see that. More than a few people in Sixburgh think he will start week 1. I dont, but many do.
Will Brissett outscore other positions consistently to warrant needing him to play in flex? Without knowing your scoring and how QB's stack up (or specifically how Brissett stacks up) it is impossible to answer properly.

Also, are there other QB needy teams where they just need a starting QB? What is the guy with Watson like?
Thanks for your responses guys. There are 4-5 teams out of the 14 who are in need of QB's. The owner of Watson also has Dak and Justin Fields.

Here is the scoring for passing: 0.04 per yard (25 yards = 1point), passing TD +4, 2-Pt conversion +2.

I have Russell Gage in the W/R/T/Q superflex spot. Other guys I could flex in are Taysom Hill, Marquez Callaway, Mike Davis - it's definitely slim pickings, we have 13 bench spots! I'm thinking $25 or more is a decent bid for Brissett.

I have to make my decision by noon tomorrow (Saturday).
The specific scoring isn't as important as the scoring compared to other positions. Is Brissett an auto start for you? That is really the comparison you need to make.
UPDATE! My claim for Brissett was successful at $31. There were 4 bids total, the next highest being $20. So now I have Brady, Pickett, and Brissett which will serve as a good band aid should Trubisky get the nod for the Steelers.

THANKS EVERYONE for your advice! :-):-)
I think he has played well enough to get a job as a starter on another team next year. Thoughts?
I agree, in fact Cecil Lammey said as much during one of his podcasts earlier in the year. I am going to hold onto Brissett in my Dynasty superflex league for the foreseeable future.
He has played well enough when you compare him to some of the other guys currently starting NFL games. The problem for him is he is a retread with no upside or long term solution at QB vibes so teams won't go after him as a starter. He may end up starting for someone at some point next year but I doubt he goes in as a starter to start the season. He has a backup NFL QB vibe to him.

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