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Jaguars vs Colts - Week 10 (1 Viewer)

Request for those watching the game -- please post a highly and deeply descriptive overview of every step Fournette takes.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Jags defense looking disorganized and unprofessional. Blown coverages and stupid penalties. Myles Jack fortunate to not get ejected for high late hit.

Down 6 and passing up a 4th and 3 to kick a 52 yarder.(no good)

I dunno. Especially with the defense leaking oil

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So call on field was down by contact. Jaguars appeared to hike ball in time but that was blown down.  Ball looked like it might have come loose but didn't appear conclusive imo.

Ref comes back and says call is fumble. Not call overturned.

Can someone confirm that Keenan Cole played?  I know he had zero targets...but need to know to defend a bet.  Thanks


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