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Jamaal Anderson (1 Viewer)


Whispers / PFW

We hear the Falcons are very likely to move DE Jamaal Anderson to defensive tackle next season. Anderson, the eighth overall pick in the 2007 draft, has just two sacks in 31 starts through his first two seasons, and Atlanta already has experimented with moving him inside on passing downs to open up a spot outside for a more effective pass rusher. As a three-technique tackle, he could get some snaps backing up Jonathan Babineaux. Sources say there’s a chance he may not even make the team next season, especially if he’s not productive in the new role come training camp.

Anderson sure has been a huge disappointment.

there seems to have been a few Anderson sightings recently in the box scores, even a sack in Week 5. Is there anything....ANYTHING to spark any interest in REALLY deep leagues?


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