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Jameis Winston with 307 yards passing today? NFL and CBS say 297 yards (1 Viewer)


My league gives a bonus (1/2 a touchdown, with a QB over 300 yards). So I was adding up the yards for J. Winston today, and I have different yards than CBS Sports


and the



Yes 21 catches, but they total 307, those initials after the yards are the players who caught the pass.

1st Q

11:05 40 yds ME

8:02 29 yds LM

7:31 25 yds ME

6:04 10 yds DM
2:30 9 yds ME

1:55 11 yds DM

1:06 13 yds VJ

2nd Q

14:20 8 yds CS

11:41 7 yds DD

3:41 4 yds BR


3rd Q

14:51 14 yds DM

6:06 24 yds ME

5:04 6 yds LS

4:22 20 yds ME

4th Q

15:00 11 yds LS

6:40 16 yds ME

5:26 5 yds LS

4:45 14 yds ME

:24 16 yds ME

:18 6 yds CB

:12 19 yds CS

Total yards 307

Any comments? I am sure it affects more fantasy players than just me.



SS MagicMark

They're charging the 10 yards lost on Sims' fumble at the end against his & Winston's yardage. Whether or not that's how it's supposed to work, I'm not sure, but that's what it is.



You already spent too much time on this.

The websites will be the same when it's said and done. I assume your league has a website they consider the "official" scoring, no?

Stat corrections for the NFL come out on Thursdays.

You should just wait this one out.


Mr. Retukes

The websites will be the same when it's said and done.
That's not always the case. Sometimes the Elias Sports Bureau will issue an official stat change late in the week, but it will only affect certain services. (Most services finalize their scores on Thursdays, even if they are not 100% accurate.)

Sacks are taken away from a QB's passing yards, so generally total receiving yards are greater than total passing yards. Winston was sacked once for 10 yards.

2-17-WAS30 :-)29) First sideline warning for Tampa Bay (Shotgun) J.Winston sacked at WAS 40 for -10 yards (sack split by S.Paea and T.Knighton).

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