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Jav. Williams or Etienne as RB2 (1 Viewer)


Who would you start week one in a PPR League

I've seen it both ways. The League Dominator is even split 50/50 on the two. Two guys say Williams and two guys say Etienne.

I feel like Williams should probably be the guy until we actually see Etienne in a game, but so many people have Etienne over him that I'm second guessing.

Who would you start?

DJ Scoob

Both match ups are not the greatest. Jav. Williams is going to be in a game that is going to be pretty emotional with Russell Wilson against the Seahawks. So that is going to be a tough match up. The Commanders defense is pretty good so Etienne may also have a tough time. I also think Jacksonville may throw the football a lot as they could be playing from behind. The thing is the passing game could also benefit Etienne as well. I think I would go with Etienne.


I have the same situation on one team and no hesitation to start Javonte. I think the guy will be a top 10, maybe top 5 RB and will gallop up and down Seattle's field on Sunday. Etienne may have a nice game, but much more confident in Javonte to get the rock and get busy.


I would go with Williams in this situation. Etienne is a rookie and Robinson will play. One missed block and I could see them leaning on Robinson.

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