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Though I didn't see the game, I've read that Jacksonville scored a TD from a fake punt. Would this not be considered a special teams play and award the points to the JAX D/ST?

No different than the fake field goal for a TD situation we went through for about a week. It's an offensive play, not a special teams TD (although there wre some vociferous objections).

I don't think it was a fake punt per se, I think it was a 4th and 1 attempt from the single wing. The announcers called it as an attempt to go for the first the whole way, they were not surprised.

Exerpts from our rulebook:

Note that “Defense” and “Offense” are based on ball possession at the start of the play and do not change during a play as a result of change in possession (i.e., the Bears Offense fumbles, the Falcons Defense recovers, the Falcons Defense re-fumbles, the Bears Offense recovers).

Offensive Scoring includes all offensive positions (e.g., a Kicker can be credited for a passing TD and yardage from a fake field goal). Yardage from any Offensive player lateral during a rushing play is considered rushing yardage. Yardage from any Offensive player lateral during a passing play is considered reception yardage. Yardage gained after recovery of a fumble is considered rushing yardage. Scoring by an Offensive player as a result of recovery of a ball in the end zone is considered a rushing TD. A player can complete a pass to himself, and gets credit for both passing and receiving stats as a result (1997 Brad Johnson Rule). Special Teams play is not counted as Offensive Scoring for any individual player (e.g., Devin Hester) , and fake/botched punts and field goals are not considered part of Special Teams scoring, only regular Offensive Scoring.

Fumble recovery from opponent offense includes offensive fumble into the end zone resulting in defensive recovery and touchback, and includes when a ball carrier fumbles the ball within the field of play and the ball is not recovered prior to crossing the end line and being out of play. A muffed kick recovered by the kicking team is also considered a fumble recovery for scoring purposes.

Defensive or Special Team TD includes TD resulting from blocked punt, blocked field goal, recovery of a muffed kick, and return of a missed field goal.

Blocked Field Goal includes catching a missed field goal attempt (2002 Chris McAlister rule).


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