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Jax QB . Garrard or Lefty . anyone hear anything (1 Viewer)

I've been hearing that they will split snaps, but nothing official. Neither seems like a good FF play today.

on NFL network on sirius this morning they said that Quinn Gray also got some snaps with the first-teamers this week. They said they expected all THREE to play today.

From RotoWorld:David Garrard will start at quarterback for the Jaguars.Since Garrard might start in Foxboro next week, don't be surprised if Garrard comes out of the game early.andByron Leftwich is among the inactives for the Jaguars.This is a surprise move after Leftwich practiced all week. But he must not have proven he's fully healthy. David Garrard will start and one would anticipate Garrard is the likely starter next week. Fred Taylor and Greg Jones are also inactive

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