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JAX WR - Week 16 (1 Viewer)


Pretty hard to ignore 5-127-1 for Northcutt this past week. But with Reggie Williams 10TD's last year, I was really expecting him to be the go-to guy with Jones out for the rest of the year. With Indy's smallish corners and JAX good run game, I'd expect that Williams is going to see some red zone targets (of the jump ball variety).

Since some of us still playing are looking for that sleeper WR3 and with the IND secondary looking beatable, Thursday night game, etc. Any thoughts on this situation?

Indy has been middle of the pack the last 5 weeks giving up receptions and yards to WR, but still has only permitted them 2 TDs during that time, so if you are counting on TDs I'd look elsewhere. Did you see what Avant did to Cleveland on Monday? That could be Chris Henry on Sunday.


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