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Jeff Saturday inactive, impact on other IND players? (1 Viewer)


just noticed Saturday is inactive, any word on the injury and how long he's out? what's this gonna do to addai, manning, etc?

I noticed this yesterday and immediately got a little concerned about Peyton because the last time Saturday was out, Manning had a terrible game. I am slightly concerned at this point.

It's too late for me to change it now because my only other option was Warner, who sat on my bench Thursday.

i guess saturday being out was not what the colts fantasy stars needed. peyton and addai had terrible games against a bad defense. that's good for my real life team (Titans) and bad for my fantasy team

Will Jeff Saturday be back in the Colts starting line-up next week (week 14)?Please.
No official word, but on his show after he injured it, he hinted that it might be a few weeks, because he really didn't want to get out there and risk injuring it worse. I would say it is likely he sits for both CIN and DET and maybe even TEN depending on how meaningful that game is.
just when addai looked to be worth the 1st round pick, one OL out makes him look very benchable. granted, saturday is the anchor of the OL and calls the assignments. if he's out, hopefully his replacement can get it going this week. the colts match-ups are just too good for something like this to kill the team.

I've been surprised this year at how much trouble the offensive line has had when Saturday has been out. Before the season, I was wondering whether the Colts would re-sign him, given their heavy investment in interior linemen in the draft. At this point, it seems like they have to pay him, even though he's in the twilight of his career. Still, it's one of several signs that the Colts' offense might not resume its dominance next year. Personally, I can't bet against a healthy Peyton Manning, but there's certainly reason for concern next year on that Colts offense.


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