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Jerry Porter - anyone rolling the dice? (1 Viewer)

Jeff Haseley

Is anyone rolling the dice on Jerry Porter hoping he has a big debut against the Texans this week? Here's an article from jaguars.com that mentions among other things, Jaguars OC Dirk Koetter's liking of Jerry Porter.

To me Porter is the type of player in an ideal situation who could come in and take over an offense. I drafted him as one of my "hopeful question marks". Not a lot of risk, but possibly substantial enough reward to warrant starting material. We'll see what happens this week.

Here's a blurb from the linked article...

“We all thought we were going to pick up where we left off last year,” Koetter said. “We’re dealt what we’re dealt.”

The Jaguars were dealt a double blow in the season opener, losing starting guards Mo Williams and Vince Manuwai for the season to injury. Starting center Brad Meester had already been lost in training camp until midseason. As a result, Garrard was sacked nine times in the first two games.

“We got off to a rough start with the protection part,” Koetter said. “I am a big believer that if you have enough time to find (the receivers) and the quarterback can make the throw, eventually someone is going to get open.”

Wide receiver Jerry Porter was supposed to be that someone. The Jaguars signed him in expensive free agency and he satisfied expectations in early-spring practices, until a seemingly innocuous hamstring injury sidelined him for the rest of the spring.

“I got that visual image of Jerry Porter. He’s not that guy today. When that guy gets back, you’re going to like what you see,” Koetter said.

Porter is still battling to recover from hamstring surgery in July. He’s back to practice but he has yet to play a down for his new team.

“I got the call when I was on vacation that Jerry was going to have hamstring surgery. I’ve never seen it before so I don’t know how long it takes,” Koetter said.

“I saw a smooth, powerful, explosive, sure-handed, tough receiver,” Koetter added of the player he saw on tape. “I know when I’ve seen him 100 percent that he’s that guy.”

Koetter and the Jaguars continue to hold out hope that Porter will return soon and be the big-play “guy” for which he was signed. Until then, it would seem Matt Jones is the guy on whom Garrard has focused.

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Mort just said he's officially active for today. :goodposting:
I'd expect his snaps to be limited for his first week back.Hamstrings are tricky and assuredly Porter is still working his way into football shape.If I was a Porter owner I'd be happy he's back, watch the plays he's in, and leave him on my bench this week.
OC Dirk Koetter guarantees the passing game will improve this week

Here's a blurb...

Koetter admitted he was frustrated by the slow start - the Jaguars are 24th in the NFL in yardage, 25th in passing offense and tied for 26th in scoring after three games - and he was emphatic that things will improve.

"No question," he said. "I'm guaranteeing it. This week."

When reporters laughed, Koetter said the Jaguars have wide receivers who can get open deep.

"If you brought those wideouts in here and said, 'Can you get behind the defense?' every one of them is going to say, 'Yeah, I have been. They haven't hit me,'" he said.

But Koetter did admit he believed the Jaguars would start faster this season.

"We all thought we were going to roll in here and pick up right where we did last year and score 49 a game like the Chargers are doing right now," he said. "We all thought that. We came up with all these great ideas how to make it even better."

According to Koetter, several factors caused the slow start by the offense.

Koetter said injuries to offensive linemen and wide receivers played a factor, along with some poor throws by quarterback David Garrard, although he said Garrard hasn't had many bad throws.

Koetter said he's willing to take the blame for the offense.

"I'm an old man [49]," he said. "Job security means nothing to me."

I have him in due to byes and injuries.Relieved to hear he's active. :lmao:
:lmao: I have no choice. Here's my WR corps:Baskett, H (starting)Clowney, D (injured)Colston, M (injured)Henry, C (suspended)Jones, J (injured)Porter, J (starting)Randle El, A (starting)Thomas, D (taxi squad)Williams, D (injured) :lmao:

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