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Jets Draft Preview (1 Viewer)


We had Jets beat writer Rich Cimini from the Daily News on with us last night on my 100% commercial-free, no one makes a dime from it, Long Island Sports Talk radio show. It's 47+ commercial-free minutes of Jets Draft Preview.

We will have Randy Lange from the Bergen Record on with us next week to do a Jets Draft Review.

Our usual interview site (http://hosted.filefront.com/patchyfogg) is having uploading problems today, so I had to find a work-around. As such, please go here for the interview:


I will do my little write-up (transcript) as the day goes on, but I wanted to get this up as soon as possible. If anyone wants to host the interview somewhere else or can recommend another free downloading service, please let me know. And, if anyone else wants to type up some tidbits from the interview as they listen, that would be great, too.

As always, thanks.


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