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Jets vs Bills - Week 14 (1 Viewer)

It's entertaining... but I would want less injuries... both teams will have to look to the stands for players by the 4th quarter.

In fairness, Darnold just had a sensational TD, and Allen has been carrying his offense single-handedly.  Rookie mistakes aside, both teams have to be pretty happy with what they've seen out of their QBs.
I posted that before these last 2 drives....both QBs have looked better in these past few drives.

I do have to say, the difference in pass protection in this game has been stark.  Allen gets hit on every play, and I'm not sure a Bills D-lineman has laid a finger on Darnold all day.  

How ridiculous is it that the Bills had 1st and 2nd round talents at WR at the beginning of the season, yet their two best receivers are players who have both been cut this season?


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