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Jim Leonhard is this good? (1 Viewer)


He had another great game with 1 int and 5 solos/2 assists/1 PD. I'm guessing he is an every down player? I'm thinking about starting him over Roman Harper.

I grabbed him in one league I was severely hurting at DB (in a start up to 5) and he's been a gem. Everything I've read here suggests that he's a gamer, but too small, not talented enough, etc. The "gamer" part seems to be winning out now, and he's producing more than Ko Simpson who he was replacing.

He's starting to make me take notice in other leagues.

Put me in the skeptical camp still. I may be wrong, but I'd be selling high.
I'd be surprised if there is a market for selling. Most IDP leaguers are a little smarter than your average team D lazy butts. I suspect if you need him and he's coming through he may turn into a nice story for some. The skepticism is safe, but something tells me this little devil just has a nose for the action.

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