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Jimmy Graham owners (1 Viewer)

Wayne Kenof

standard league scoring

roster: qb:rodgers, flacco rb: kamara, ap, conner, l.murray, j.howard, a.collins wr: m.thomas, gordon, edelman, gabriel, c.davis, cobb. 

im a jimmy graham owner and have been pretty upset with his performance this year. drafting him and rodgers i was super excited hoping he would be the jimmy graham in NO. i would be dropping flacco.

here are my options on TE's:

jack doyle

jeff heuerman

vance mcdonald

jordan thomas

who would you pick up and ride ROS? OR just stick with graham?  

Graham has a nice matchup against the pats this week. but i feel like rodgers spreads the ball out and redzone doesnt even look at jimmy graham.


I would just stick with Graham.  I think they are all  very similar and nobody really stands out.


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