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Jimmy Graham "Uncertain" for Week 8 (1 Viewer)

many posted information that his is an injury that lingers for months. I did not see any evidence that is has been overcome after a few weeks.
I've seen runners complete marathons weeks after tearing it. Everyone is ignoring that a tear is very, very variable.
i would imagine you are confusing his injury with plantar fasciitis. he has a torn plantar. they are different.

regardless, marathon runners dont stop and start and change direction and attempt to explosively move.
Nope, I'm not confusing the two. I'm very much aware of the difference between inflammation (itis), improper healing (osis), and a tear. And, plantar fasciitis is now correctly termed fasciosis in nearly every presentation. I was correct in my statement that I have seen runners complete marathons within weeks (days actually) of tearing their plantar fascia.
Ok so, question: doesn't football require pushing, pulling, cutting, jumping, landing etc that marathon runners don't experience? Yes despite all the stress on a runner's foot it's almost always of a couple kinds, no?
Runners pound the injury continually for hours and still finish races. The point is that the time to heal and impact on Graham's performance really depends on the extent/location on the tear, his physiology, and his pain threshold.

Saints coach Sean Payton believes Jimmy Graham's foot injury is "something he’ll be able to manage."
"I think from a pain standpoint, my understanding is it can begin to diminish," Payton said Monday. "I know this – we’re not gonna sit here week to week discussing it. But I think it’s something he’ll be able to manage." Graham is headed for another light week of practice, but it's clear he's going to suit up for Week 9 after escaping Sunday's win without setbacks. Likely to remain on a snap count, Graham will be more of a top 5-6 option than his usual 1-2.


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