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John Clayton passed away (1 Viewer)


Legend! I used to listen to him daily at 4 pm on my drive home, 9-12 on the Saturday show. Always passionate and knowledgeable, right or wrong, it was always entertainment! RIP Professor! 



Exactly. Before the internet had all the information, us long-time fantasy football players would look to folks like Clayton for info that would give us an edge over our league mates. It’s also back when we probably watched ESPN religiously. 
RIP to the good man. 
He also seemed to be one of the original "nerds" of football. He knew his stuff but you never would have guessed it based on his look. I feel like that Clayton mold has taken over a lot of football and especially fantasy football space. 



always looked forward to hearing his reports on ESPN back in the day. One of the best ever!  miss him already!

RIP John Clayton! 


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