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Joique Bell or Shonn Greene (1 Viewer)


What is the SP's opinion on a strategy amongst two players like JB and SG? With JB, you have a potential #1 RB if/when Bush goes down for some time. If Bush doesnt go down, I think you can expect around 5-7 points a game from JB. On the other hand, with SG, you have a goal line vulture who will get 8-10 carries a game and is good for about the same 5-7 points a game..on average. I think SG has the ability to have bigger games than JB (if Bush is healthy) just because of the goal line work. If Johnson goes down, Greene doesnt necessarily become a #1 as JB would if Bush goes down. So what do you do strategy wise if you can only keep 1? Do you go with the potential upside in Bell? Or do you take a lower ceiling guy in Greene?

Edit - Greene's schedule is also much better than Bell's and has the opportunity to put up solid points through the playoffs.

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Gotcha. Ok...thought it was more strategy related. Granted its about 2 specific players but it really boils down to strategy.....goal line backs vs. backups that have higher ceiling.....


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