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Jones, Jackson, Landry? Ertz/Kittle? (1 Viewer)


0.25 ppr.

I don't want to start Jones at the Bears, but my other options are Justin Jackson and Jarvis Landry. 

Already starting Nick Chubb, Rivers, Keenan Allen, and Badgley putting a lot of my week 15 hopes on two games. 

Lineup right now is - Rivers, CMC, Chubb, Aaron Jones,  Keenan, Cooper, Hilton, Juju, Ertz/Kittle, badgley, and Seahawks

Ertz with Foles, or Kittle take 2 vs the seahawks? Jones over J Jackson if Gordon is out? 

I would play Justin Jackson over Jones if Gordon is out.  Otherwise I would keep Jones in there. 

I may try and find a way to play Ertz and Kittle.  Not sure what your lineup requirements are but both are solid plays.  If you can only pick one I would go with Kittle.  He is on fire. 


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