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Jones or Howard ? full ppr (1 Viewer)

Here's Johnny

Week 9


Aaron Jones or Jordan Howard


Godwin (I am also playing OJ), Tre,Quan (I am also playing Thomas), or (I can't believe I am even saying this) Corey Davis (on WW)

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RB I would go Howard, because the Bears should be playing with a lead most of the game and running the ball.  GB v NE will be a shootout.

WR is close between Godwin and Tre, both games should be high scoring, I would lean Godwin though as he's been more consistent this year, and no great RB option for the Bucs.


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No way to Corey Davis - Q with a hamstring.  I think I'd lean Smith over Godwin - Godwin is better with Winston, who likes to throw to the middle of the field - Fitzmagic like DJax and Evans better.

Howard is a better choice if Edmunds is out with a concussion - currently questionable.  And my opponent is starting him.  

Patriots LBs are slow, so if Jones gets passes he'd be good




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