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Jordan Howard for Conner + Allan Robinson?? (1 Viewer)


In a 12tm PPR
I have Brees, Melvin Gordan, Ajayi, Conner, Chris Carson, Julio, Fitz, Robinson, Garcon and Lockett
Not loving the RBs so would Jordan Howard be a nice upgrade to cover losing Robinson in the Flex? Assuming of course that Conner is not worth more than RB2 for a short time if Bell returns.

I would hate to trade Conner to find he is an RB1 for 10 weeks, but I am just worried this whole dispute will end next week.

Anything is possible. If it were certain, we'd all feel better.. But I think the chances of Howard being a RB1 over Conner being a RB1 after 10 weeks are like 80% better! If this is a keeper league, well maybe you hold Conner just to see if he is the new #1 in Pitt. If its not a keeper, I'd say Peace out Robinson and Conner, it's been real...

Its way easier to find a WR during the season than it is a RB. that much I do know. and if memory serves me correct Gordon, Howard and Ajayi all have different bye weeks

I think Howard would be an upgrade over Robinson so I'd pull the trigger. Even if Bell doesn't return it doesn't automatically make Conner top 10. DO IT!

I would do it. RB's would be better in Gordon, Ajayi, Howard, Carson. WR's would still be OK with Julio, Fitz, Garcon, and Lockett.


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