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Jordan Reed vs. Travis kelce - for dynasty which would you rather own (1 Viewer)


2 very intriguing dynasty prospects, both seemingly with a chance not only to produce this year but to become elite tight ends in the nfl. Which would you prefer to have on your dynasty team?

- both are in good offenses with good, accurate qbs.

- both offenses have very few weapons outside of a top flight #1 wr and Rb.

- both are athletic, move tight ends.

Alex smith definitely likes to throw to the right end. He made Vernon Davis fantasy relevant and have him his best statistical season to date.

RG3...not so sure he likes to throw to the te...

Not a huge college football fan so I can't say I know much about either kelce or reed save for a few highlight reels I watched in which they both looked impressive. The only thing I came away with from watching is that kelce seems to be a more complete tight end that is a great blocker. Reed seems to be more in the vane of a coby fleener or hated cook...great move te but not a great blocker.

The skins drafted Reed despite knowing this, so it must mean they think he will catch a lot if passes.

What say you gus?

before the season, i wanted kelce. Ended up acquiring reed as his owner preferred to kelce. I'm happy

Reed, just because his quarterback is that much better
I agree that rg3 has much higher upside than smith, but does that necessarily make him better for his tight end?

Smith is known as an accurate short-mid range passer who enjoys throwing to the right end.

Griffon not so much to my knowledge. The tight end position was pretty much irrelevant for the skins last year.

I think kelce will take the field for the first time this season tonight, on a national stage...so if you're gonna grab him now is the time. Casano is out. Kelce has been practicing albeit in a limited fashion. We will get to see what he can do tonight and if he does well the opportunity will have passed.

I grabbed Kelce at 2.12 and was pleased to get Reed at 5.08. Initially I believed Kelce would have the more immediate success. Injuries have delayed his progress, but he'll get every opportunity as the season progresses in KC's(Reid's) TE friendly offense. He was drafted for that reason.

Reed has been a pleasant surprise, as I don't feel most expected him to contribute anything so early after not showing much earlier in the PS.

Kelce's the better blocker by far, and will see the field once he's totally healthy and picks up the scheme more. Since Reed's seeing so many snaps/targets and was drafted despite being a notoriously poor blocker in college tells me they're going to throw him the ball. Fred Davis' 1 yr contract and benching this past week due to missed assignments bodes well for him, too.

I'll probably look to sell one or the other-whoever happens to blow up first. I think they're both long term dynasty holds in their own right.

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Give me Reed. I'm a fan of TEs who were drafted high despite being terrible blockers, because there's no clearer signal a team could send that they're planning on using that TE heavily as a receiver. Per PFF, Reed has played 53 snaps, and on those snaps he has run 46 routes compared to blocking just 7 times.

Do we like Reed for this season? Where is he among backup TEs like chandler, Delaine walker, ertz, housler?
I'd have to believe Reed right now seeing as how Davis is in the dog house and injured himself yesterday (officially questionable for Sunday). The question mark here is Housler, as we haven't seen how Arians plans to utilize him yet but you have to like Reed's upside more.


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