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JuJu for Golladay and Lynch or Carson? (1 Viewer)


10 Team Standard Scoring - Start 2RB - 2WR - 2 Flex

My Team:

RB: Zeke, Keryyon Johnson, Derrick Henry, Yeldon, Chubb

WR: AJ, JuJu, Sterling S, Godwin, Keke, Nelson A, T. Smith

TE: Gronk

His Team:

RB: Barkley, Lynch, Carson, AP, Lindsey, Crowell

WR: Evans, Allen, Golladay, Sanders, Marvin Jones, Baldwin

TE: Rudolph

I'm looking for some RB help after some terrible busts in the draft. In this barren RB landscape I think both Lynch and Carson are decent RB2 options, but both can have game script issues and Lynch not getting goal line work last week scares me. I believe I should take one of the two deals, just not sure if I should take Golladay and Lynch or Golladay and Carson. 





If you have to take a deal, I'd prefer the Lynch one. That said, I think I'd stay put. I like JuJu quite a bit more than Golladay, and don't see RB as a real need. Yeldon is likely your starter for the next 4 games, and Johnson, Henry, and Chubb all have longer term upside, that you can be patient on.


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