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June 1st Cut-Or-Trade Days and Deals (1 Viewer)


Not sure if the free agency thread covers it, or if that's the better catch-all thread, but I figured I'd start a thread within which to discuss the June 1st comings and goings of players in the NFL. I'm hoping homers chime in with potential cuts or trades.

I'll begin with some links.



Some obvious notes are Julio Jones (cap hit shrinks from around 40 million to about 25 million if traded after June 1st), Zach Ertz (cut saves five million dollars), Jamison Crowder (10 million dollar cap savings if cut), Aaron Rodgers (31 million dollars in dead money to 14 million), Russell Wilson, C.J. Mosley (4.5 million savings in cap space if traded), and Jordan Hicks (who will be replaced by Zevon Collins).

Other notables: Sterling Shepard (WR - NY), Anthony Hitchens (LB - KC), Eric Ebron (TE - PIT) all would save four million against the cap if cut. 



Ebron already had his deal reworked so he's safe, down to barely over $1M in savings.

Shepard has a little over $4m tied into guarantees on his 2021 pay so he's likely safe from being cut.

As cut go Crowder's contract seems like a no brainer whether you need cap space or not but he was at OTA's this week, you'd think if they had made a decision to move on they'd have told him to not attend. No reason to risk injury and get stuck with the contract. I honestly thought cutting him was close to a foregone conclusion but not so sure anymore. ETA-I'd heard he was at OTA's but now read he skipped them.

If we see anything happen next week my guess is it will be trades since with cuts teams have the option of cutting them already and just assigning a post June 1 designation. I'd bet the house Julio is dealt off before this time next week but we all know that's coming. Be surprised if we see anything else major, pleasantly so, but the rumor mill is quiet right now. I think Wilson is good for at least a season, if Green Bay decides to deal Rodgers it's going to be later this offseason if not into the season  if/when things got uglier. Watson likely in holding pattern until league announces if he's getting suspended or put on exempt list. I actually think of the 3 big time QB's that Watson has the best chance of being dealt this off-season, but again I think that's on hold till league makes a decision.

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Will Njoku stick around in Cleveland?
Seems like he should be traded but it's seemed that way for 2 years now but unless it was a well timed smokescreen, and I don't think it was, reports came out a week or so ago he was in a good place with the Browns.


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