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Just Signed Up. (1 Viewer)

Just signed up for the July 21 st draft at 1:00.Anyone else that frequents the board in that one?Purestrength is in that draft. If I recall correctly from the past few years he puts together a pretty decent team.Getting excited should be a lot of fun as usual.

Funny, I played against him last year. He did all right but didn't win. Neither did I. Have relegated myself to a $35 FPC satellite to win my way into next year's tourney. Good luck to those of you doing it for real this year. I'll see you in 2014.

Pumpnick said:
i cannot take this 9-12 slot anymore! 4 ffpc drafts so far this year and have gotten 10,10,9,12
I can almost guarantee you a #1 pick with the next draft you join........almost ;)


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