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Just took 2 ambien.... (1 Viewer)

Now it's time to call someone up and tell them something you've always wanted to say to them, but never had the gumption to say before. The best part is, you'll never remember it tomorrow.


What a let down.
If you're going to do something weird or stupid, hurry up. I need to go take a shower.:checkswatch:
Weird just kickied in. What ama I aclolw to you?or something? Di I ammuse you? Weird like how? :hot:
I literly just stoped laughging at that snap. BOO-UAAA, BI NCHEST!! :angry: Sig material. :thumbup:
My piost is gone. Or maybe I just typed id tin my head. Either way, my ### if going to tryand make it to my bed. Buenos noches, друзья !
couple weeks ago i accidently took an ambien instead of something else at work. just made me a bit drowsy. :kicksrock:


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