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Just traded Luck, Dwill and Edelman for (1 Viewer)

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ppierce is the worst. This is still one of my favorite strings of posts in Shark Pool history though:

Stafford was Sr Checkdown before his injury. I still see big things for Megatron. Just not meant to be. 2 almost TD's and he's on his way this week.
What can we expect out of Hill for Megatron? Personally I didn't love what i was seeing from Stafford anyway but who knows?
Remind me why I drafted Megatron over Roddy White and Reggie Wayne? I had this guy last year and didn't learn. The Lions are the Lions. I've bought into their preseason hype 4 years in a row now. This site nailed Nicks so far but had Cj at #2 behind AJ. I know its early but i have a bad feeling.
[QUOTE='ppierce]Drafted Calvin Johnson in 2nd round. SUCKS donkey turds.
[/QUOTE]Edit: Just to be clear, not only is it hilarious to watch her opinion of Calvin Johnson change from "He'll be fine" to "He sucks" in the span of a week, but I'm pretty sure these are all actually the first post in four different threads she started about Calvin that week.

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Im not sure of the current value of Rodgers jizz, so its hard to evaluate this trade
Quick and dirty:

Spotrac has Rodgers making about 602K this year. I went to alllaw.com (probably not accurate, but it's good enough) for a child support calculator and plugged in his monthly income. I got this response:

Under this scenario your monthly support order will be approximately between $8539 and $11553.If Rogers keeps that income for the next 5 years, retires and makes nothing from then on, an enterprising woman could cash in about 50 Gs.

You are the worst owner ever. You reamed yourself out with a horrid trade and then posted where everyone can ridicule you.

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