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K Hunt for Tyrek Hill PPR 12 team league (1 Viewer)


12 team redraft PPR league

my #2rb is a mix of barber, lynch, clement, a jones, penny, and i can pick up Lindsey.
I have obj, Tyrek hill, diggs and Cory Davis, I was offered k hunt for tyrek Hill straight up, do it? Cook is my #1 rb. thanks

I would not do this trade. Hill is way too valuable at this time, especially being Mahomes top target and his upside on special teams. Week 2 will be a good week for him as well since the Steelers gave up 100+ yards to Landry and the Browns - which makes me think Hill will have another great game. Then again, Hunt will clearly bounce back since the Steelers also gave up a lot of rushing yards.

Regardless, I think you'll do more impact with Hill than with Hunt. As for waivers, pick up Lindsey asap. If Denver keeps running a committee, then you'll be seeing a whole lot of Lindsey (from what I've read, Lindsey made a statement in training and decently well in preseason, so he's there to stay). I'd even go as far as starting him alongside Cook because of his upside as a passing-down back. Lynch has that groin issue and is going up against a tough Denver defense so I wouldn't play him; Clement probably won't be much of a factor since Ajayi is now going to be the workhorse for the RB and Sproles is right behind Ajayi; Aaron Jones is a keep clearly since he's the all-around back for Green Bay - ESPECIALLY if anything happens to Rodgers, then you can rely on him for some good points. Penny/Lynch you could stash.

Decline the trade.

Drop Clement for Lindsey.

Hill will come back down to earth.  Last year HIll averaged 74 yrds per game, or 1183 for the season, if he continues what he did in week 1 he would wind up with 2704.  That won't happen.  The problem with Hunt is he disappeared for a few weeks last year.  Experts think that Mahomes' arm is too strong to throw short passes that Hunt will catch, and that will benefit Hill.  However, defenses will catch up with Hill.

I like rb's.  They just have more touches, but the decision may lay in your league's scoring rules.  Hill will never be this valuable again this season.  For what it is worth, check out week 2 trade values, the experts like Hunt.

I do it.

I'd do it. Hill is good but RB's are much more valuable. Don't let one week cloud your season long views.


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