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kamara for david johnson and dalvin cook? (1 Viewer)

Down year for DJ and Cook. However, I believe they are still both top 10 running backs and would prefer them. 

Guess it all depends on your team. If it was me I would keep Kamara over having the other two. With Ingram possibly leaving in FA, Kamara numbers are going to be near #1 overall status like they were before Ingram returned from suspension. 

It depends on if you have the space to add a player.  Kamara >>>Cook=DJ. 

I think Cook has a great year coming up with the run game Kubiak will oversee in Minny.  He should be very good but you still need some sort of decent O-line play and that is always a question for the VIkes.

This would depend on who my RB2 was and if DJ/Cook was that big of an improvement to let Kamara go. 


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