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Kamara for Thielen+ (PPR) (1 Viewer)


16-team PPR with IDPs, keep 8 with no more than two at any single position(5off/3def).  Start QRWWFFTK.  2-DL, 3-LB and 2-DB also.

I am currently 16-2 with a 3-game lead in my division and for the number 1 seed.  Trade deadline is tomorrow at midnight so things are ramping up.  Currently, I have Watson, Dalton, Cohen, McCoy, Eckler, Davis, OBJ, Thielen, Snead, Garcon, Ertz and Zuerlein.  My IDPs are Hunter, Watt, Wagner, David, Vander Esch, Clinton-Dix and Kazee.  Okwara and Jarret are rostered to cover my DL byes this week.  

The Kamara owner put him up on the block and I thought I'd take a peek to see if he's interested.  He offered:

Kamara, Edelman and Fuller


Cohen, Thielen, Ertz and my 1st (at best 1.12, worst 1.16).

Obviously I'm not accepting that.  He's got nothing else worth mentioning outside of those three players.  Should I even bother trying to counter?  I've been fortunate to have at least one of OBJ, Thielen or Cohen hit each week and my IDPs make up a lot of ground for me too.   Are my RBs enough to keep me rolling without trying to flip one of my big-2 at WR for one?  My gut reaction was that I needed to make a move for a RB.  Now that I'm trying to find a counter-offer I'm not so sure.  Thanks for your advice and if you've got questions feel free to point me towards them.  I'll do my best.

This is a tough one, clearly Kamara is a super addition, I wouldn't worry about losing Cohen and Thielen but there is no way even in the draft that you are going to be able to replace Ertz. I might counter with Snead or Garcon instead of Ertz and your 2nd instead of a 1st.

Lots of back and forth here but I got a deal done.

got Kamara, Edelman and an early 7th round pick.

gave Cohen, Thielen, Ekeler, late 2nd and late 5th round picks.


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