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Kansas City at Oakland (1 Viewer)

I wonder how many #11 Smith 49er jerseys will be in the stands today. Or maybe they have bought his KC one already.

That's not "trickery". That's common sense- you have to throw it out there if the coverage team fails to put a man on your gunner

I was sitting on a pretty good lead. But, the other guy has Charles. Not lookin so good anymore.

Raiders might want to put two spies on Charles.

I wish other stars on other teams got the ball as much as Charles. Jesus.

Is there anyone else on the team. He has eliminated me from 5 leagues.

He has 40 points before the half. lmfao

My boss is a KC homer - starting Smith and Charles. Jamaal with 4TDs on 10 touches.

I have Charles going in two leagues - may not be enough in one. Need the Raiders to stick around a bit longer.

That undisciplined, stupid KC DB taking his helmet off on the field of play is going to end up costing KC some points here

TERRIBLE call. UNderthrown ball, minimal contact, and WR made virtually zero effort to come back to the ball.

My one league we award an extra three points for a RB receiving TD. Charles has 50 points in a half. I'm being destroyed by one guy.

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The good news for Charles owners is that the game is not totally out of hand just yet. Might still get a solid 3rd Q, perhaps part of the 4th if lucky but what an incredible performance on a huge playoff week for FF owners.


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