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Kansas City at Tennessee (1 Viewer)

Damian Williams tries to make a play on a punt, quite unnecessarily, and Chiefs recover for a TD. Bad dopey play by Williams. Reynaud is return guy, leave it alone

Sooooo curious if Williams can play like he did last week in first half and if Hunter plays offense (other than GL) this week.

So...that TD doesn't count as a Special teams TD in fantasy? Come on now...
It is the type that usually causes debate since they punted the ball most scoring systems aren't setup as such and people claim offense since 4th down etc

Pink gloves, sleeves, and shoes for Titans.

Fitz throws to Delanie who is sliding trying to grab.

Many in dirt last week.

Fitz scrambles some on third and then throws it away. (It was in the dirt too, but mulligan since throwing it away)

I want to see Fitz make some good throws. I blew off last week as being rusty-ironic because I do not want to see Rusty play

Loggains needs to watch Chiefs use of Charles, steal some pages from their playbook

Charles with three very wide runs (about where the WR lines up) Yeah I'd love for the Titans to do this with CJ.

Griffin (fined last week) about literally ran thru charles on a tackle steamrolling him backwards to fall on his back. Very nice play, probably for show after the fine.

Verner just missed INT.

So poor play call run by Smith then poor pass by Smith.

No reason to go away from Charles, drive stalled

Chiefs nickel D on first, CJ gets 6. D changes, CJ only gets a couple.

Battle runs for maybe a yard needed yard and a half.

That nickel D was bad call, Titans had two TEs out there. They recovered well though and Titans could have passed then to counter but instead were predictable.

Beautiful 55 yard punt plus Chiefs penalty on Demps. Chiefs all backed up now

Bad throw to Bowe on 1st

Charles left G/T gets nothing.

"Everyone" blitzes, Smith chucks it to Charles to avoid sack, somehow catches and gets 8 or so but first down.

(well behind line on TV, yet it was 10 yards)

Smith did have a completion to Hemingway (so finally a good throw) yet next play McCluster's arms blocking Sensabaugh not even looking yet he throws near him.


Smith makes like every other throw look good/bad. Still they are cruising down the field without Charles really.

He looked great running wide earlier, haven't called that play again since

It's like same yuck O for Titans and last week's first half didn't happen

Announcer shows Walker open middle of field but Fitz takes the dink pass for not enough yards for a first.

I didn't notice Britt that drive. Curious if anyone else did or the drop did get him benched

Man Charles was bent back by two players - his right knee. Doesn't seem to have been injured.

replay, Charles' knee bent badly. Walked off fine. Chiefs lucky there, that looked like an injury

Titans offense is putrid. 1 down drop by CJ. 2 down CJ stuffed 3 and long bad pass by fitz. Ugh

Byes and injuries forced Washington into my lineup. Is Fitzpatrick jusr sucking donkey butt or is KC just killing the Titans in general?

If they're going to lose, I'd rather be entertained by Rusty's bad throws than Fitz's. At least he takes chances

Washington was poked in the eye earlier and no pass interference. Britt dropped a gimme. Otherwise Fitz is totally to blame


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