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Keep Barkley (1st Rd) or JuJu (4th Rd) (1 Viewer)


Hey Folks:

I have to keep either Saquon Barkley at the cost of my 1st round pick or JuJu Smith-Schuster at the cost of my 4th rounder.  JuJu probably is the better "value" choice, but I hate to give up a talent like Barkley, and top-5 RBs tend to get kept in our league. (I won't know my draft position until August.) What do you all think? 

10-team, non-PPR redraft league; everyone has to keep one player at the cost of your pick in whatever round he was draft in the prior year.




I would keep Barkley.  He isn't as good of a value but that could change if you end up with a late pick.  And if you have any choice in the matter it would be easy for me to take last pick and keep Barkley as the last pick in the 1st round.  Then you get the value.  The only way I wouldn't do Barkley is if I had first pick because then you keep JuJu and draft Barkley.  Win-Win. 


J to the bone

Take JuJu in the 4th because of the value. However, try to determine what other 1st round studs will be kept. This might help your decision. If 7 of the top 10 studs are being kept, you may want to keep Barkley. 



When do you have to make the decision?  I will assume you have to make the pick prior to knowing where you are drafting...but I am aware that some leagues determine the picks then let owners decide.  And a minor question, I will assume a snake style?  Again, does not make any difference, but...

I agree with Gally.  The scoring projection difference between Barkley and the 10th pick is huge and significant enough even at the 5th spot projectoins.  I would keep Barkley for the 1st.


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