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Keep JPP or Garrett for next season? (1 Viewer)


2pts solo tackle (1pt assist)

4pts per sack

3pts for FF, FR, PD

I have Joey Bosa, Myles Garrett, JPP, and Derek Barnett and I have to keep two. Bosa is a no brainer for me so it comes down to Garrett and JPP. Garrett's upside is enormous and I currently have him as the second keeper I was just checking if you guys agreed.



Do you have any keeper restrictions (length of time you can keep someone, round lost, salary cap, etc)?  That info would have some input into the decision.  I assume that the rules require you can only keep two at the DL position.  Can you trade for a keeper at another position or some other benefit rather than just cutting them?

If you can trade I would shop both JPP and Garrett and see which one brings in the bigger return.  Then keep the other one.  If you have no options such as that, or keeping 3 DL, and there are no penalties/restrictions to keeping a player then I would probably go with Bosa and Garrett.  I would do that because I think the upside is there for Garrett and although JPP is a DL1 I would take the chance that Garrett is something special.


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