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Keep Juju or Hill in the 15th round (1 Viewer)


I can keep hill or juju in the 15th round.  Each year a player is kept the price goes up by one round.  .5 ppr, 6 pt tds, 1 per 10 yards and bonus for 40+ yard tds.  start 2 wrs and 1 flex.

T Hill or Juju - Who do you keep for this year and beyond?

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Hill for a few reasons:

1.  Thinking long term, Hill has a big armed QB in place for the next decade.  Any year may be Big Ben's last.

2.  The 40 yard TD bonus certainly favors Hill.

3.  Juju is the 3rd passing option on his team, Hill is probably the second option on the Chiefs

4.  Hill has proven performance over two seasons.  

5.  Juju plays much more physically with across the middle routes and is therefore more prone to serious injury.



Hill is my choice.  He has proven over the last two years he is a bonafide #1 WR and is explosive as you can get.  He has shown improvement in route running and adjustments and is much more than a speedster. 


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