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Keeper advice!! Cook, Chubb, Mixon, McLaurin (1 Viewer)

Shotgun Blues

Keeper rules for my 10 team ppr; keep one as your pick for the round they were drafted last year.

my best options:

Cook rd1

Chubb rd2

Mixon rd4

McLaurin rd6

Thanks for all opinions!!



Do you know what spot you are picking from?  I like Chubb in Round 2.  Give you a Round 1 pick to possibly pair another RB with Chubb.



Knowing your draft spot is definitely key before choosing.  If you draft early I probably lean Chubb/Mixon.    If you pick late then I probably take Cook.  



If you're picking #1, then keep Mixon and take Cook.   If you're not picking #1 I would probably just keep Cook, unless you can get an elite player in the draft at your draft spot, then I can see keeping Mixon. 

Need more info.


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