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Keeper Advice Needed: Leave a link, will answer in return (1 Viewer)


12 Teams, PPR

Can keep zero up to 4.

Keep 1=forfeit your 1st round pick

Keep 2=forfeit 1st 2 picks.  And so on.

I had a ridiculously good run this past year:

QB:  Josh Allen

RB:  Aaron Jones, CEH, Dobbins, Montgomery, Darrell Henderson, Gaskin

WR:  Justin Jefferson, Calvin Ridley, DJ Moore, Aiyuk

I'm trying to make 2 for 1 or even 3 for 1 trades.  I'm also going after picks in the redraft part of it.  

For now, leaning towards :  Dobbins, CEH, Ridley, Jefferson

Leave a link, happy to help everyone out with their own questions.

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I would keep Jones over CEH as I think he is the better player.  Otherwise I agree with your other three choices.  Jefferson and Ridley are no brainers so it comes down to picking two out of Jones, CEH, Dobbins and Monty.  I lean Jones and Dobbins.

I would be curious to know your starting requirements & qb scoring.  How did Allen do scoring wise last year?

depending on that I might go:

Allen, Jones, Jefferson & Ridley


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