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Keeper Cutdown Day: Akers or Zeke (1 Viewer)


We must keep two players each year based upon where they were drafted the year prior except if they were added as a free agent which counts against your last rounder. Standard scoring (1 per 10 rush/rcv, 1 per 25 pass, 6 pt tds for everyone but qbs, .5 ppr). We start 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1TE, 3 flex of RB/WR/TE, a K and D.

League 2 (12 teams where I draft 10th)

  • T Hill (round 12)
  • Zeke (round 12)
  • Akers (Round 16) - picked up in FA
We can keep players as long as we want but each year you keep them they cost you a round so Zeke an 11 next year vs Akers a 15. I bolded the starting roster reqs for the purpose of stating that I could pick another solid RB1 and forget about the position for a while in the draft. I pick 10th in round 1 and the following players will be in the draft pool:

RB - CMC, Harris, Mixon, Swift, Barkley, Zeke, Javonte W, Fournette, A Jones
WR - Adams, Evans, K Allen, Higgins, Brown

Leave yours and I will assist.


Between those 2 & being able to keep indefinitely, it’s Akers for me.

In a redraft, it’s closer with a slight lean toward Zeke, but without Tyron Smith that O-line is much weaker. So, the gap between the 2 is even narrower IMO.

I was actually ready to come in and post you might be better off keeping both Zeke & Akers, but after a little more thought on the longer-term keeper rules of your league, I tend to agree that Hill is getting kept. That plus Akers & whoever falls to you at 1.10 should be a SOLID start to your draft!

Take a look at mine when you have a chance:


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