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Keeper Grab (1 Viewer)


not trying to turn this into a WSIS or line up advice Q. But if it needs to be in the AC forum, then the mods can move it.

OK, so I'm bounced from my Fantasy Bowl. Bad loss don't want to discuss, but I spent a lot to acquire players via trade for my run.

My league gets to keep 2 players at a 2 round penalty next year (Basically, this yrs 3rd rd pick is kept at a #1 next year).

I don't have much on my bench that is worth keeping next year, so I'm gonna hit the FA market today for potential keepers. THese guys would only cost me a #15 pick, so its wise to grab a season sleeper that I could basically keep forever.

So...my Q is:

Anyone out there I should target? Anyone w/ a starter on their way out who looks like getting a shot at the starting job? RB's/Qb's/WR's all in play.

one name I'm thinking of is Tavaris Jackson.

anyone else on anyones radar for next season?


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