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Keeper Help - Akers vs ASBR (1 Viewer)


10 person PPR league. Get 3 keepers. Budget is $200

NOTE; the teams that did not make the playoffs get to choose a 4th keeper from anyones team. So whomever i don't pick I will likely be kept by someone.

I have Jefferson for 30 and Kupp for 29. My final keeper is between Cam Akers ($1) and Amon-Ra St. Brown ($1). I am leaning Akers, but with injury last year and already injured this year I have rethought my position. I LOVE St. Brown and was going unnoticed by the morons in my league so I was thinking that St Brown would not be kept from my team and I could draft him. However, with Hard Knocks following him he is getting press.

Other RB's back in the draft are the following:

Mixon (could be kept)
Kamara (could be kept)
Aaron Jones (could be kept)
Chubb (could be kept)
Conner (could be kept)

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