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Keeper Help: Dobbins (12th rd) or Deebo (8th rd) (1 Viewer)


It's a standard half-PPR league and I can keep either for 2 years in the designated round.

Deebo Samuel in the 8th
JK Dobbins in the 12th


With only one keeper I pick the best player regardless of round. To me the best fantasy guy is Dobbins because of usage. I still don't trust Deebo to be consistent


Baltimore will always split carries and lamar will eat some running yds/tds. keep deebo-he just got paid for a reason

Keith R

The Don
There are critics of both. Deebo may not run as much as he did in 2021, but even as a pure WR, he has great value. Dobbins is coming off a serious injury and may need some time to regain his form, even presuming no re-injury. Give me the safer play with Deebo, even at a higher cost. 8th round is still a sizeable bargain.


The thread is split basically 50/50 which means perhaps I can’t go wrong. I guess I’ll just have to look at the rest of the leagues keepers and go where the scarcity is.

Thanks all!

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