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Keeper Help - Tough Choices (1 Viewer)


16-team, PPR
Players can be kept 3 years only. Draft has rookies and some first half talent.

Can keep 4. Your draft position is based on the strength of your keeper. Lower point keepers means higher draft position. Point totals below. Which 4?

QB Lawrence 334 pts
QB Herbert 334 pts
RB B Hall 95 pts
RB Etienne 164 pts
WR Evans 152 pts
WR Lamb 175 pts

Hall and Lamb feel like obvious choice.
Not sure which QB. We start 1.
Evans vs Etienne?
agree with Lamb and Hall... My gut is telling me to hang onto Lawrence... why??? good question. I based this decision on age and I think he's a bit better than Herbert. But it is close. I would keep Etienne over Evans. So, Lamb, Hall, Etienne and Lawrence would be who I would hang onto if I had to choose.
Stacking those Jags feels risky. Makes me lean Herbert and Etienne. But Lawrence really was finding his groove last year.

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