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Keeper help (1 Viewer)

I can keep 5, lose the round. This is a 16 team league and I pick 13th. Starting lineup is QB/2RB/2WR/TE/Flex. PPR.

M. Evans - 1st

K. Allen - 2nd

A. Kamara - 6th

M. Thomas - 9th

J. Goff - 13th

C. Davis - 16th

J. Gordon - 16th

C. Brate - 16th

My thoughts are:

I should be able to get Evans/comparable player in round 1, so let him go.

Allen, Kamara, Thomas are locks

I love the value of Goff, but I’m leaning just keeping 4WR (Allen, Thomas, Gordon, Davis) and I’m set at WR before the draft even starts. I’m scared of Gordon though. Would anyone keep Goff over Gordon?



I'd wait as long as possible for any new news but I'd rather gamble with Gordons upside and value over Goff.



I think it really comes down to how many other QBs are going to be kept in your league. If quite a few are kept, I think Goff is worth keeping as I believe, with LA's system and the talent surrounding him, that he's going to be right around a top 5 QB this year.

Also, I'd be tempted to keep Gordon over Davis. Gordon's talent is undeniable and proven and I think you'll be able to pick Davis later on in the draft.


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