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Keeper league - Do I make any moves prior to our draft? Do I sell Ridley? (1 Viewer)


I play in a 12-team keeper league. We can keep anywhere from 4-6 players from year to year. Our draft starts at the "5th round" and so if you only keep 4 players, and have a 5th round pick available, essentially you have a first-round pick. If you keep 5 players, then you wouldn't pick until the 6th round. If you keep 6 players, then you wouldn't draft until round 7, which is the 3rd-round of picks.

I've shed a few players that I don't plan to keep or trade, but some of the remaining players on my roster are:

QB - Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow

RB - D'Andre Swift, Ronald Jones

WR - Calvin Ridley, Mike Evans, D.J. Moore, Denzel Mims, Jarvis Landry, Laviska Shenault

I'm a team that went through a pretty hard rebuild starting two years ago, but built up my roster a bit through the draft and a couple of trades last year and want to become a contender this year.

I don't draft until the 7th pick (and this could move up if the teams in front of me keep 5 or more players - and assuming I just keep 4). Leaning towards just keeping Swift, Ridley, Evans, and Moore. Other than Mahomes and one or two other quarterbacks no one tends to keep players at that position so I will drop Burrow and Jackson and may try and draft them later. I would love to trade Jackson but his value is hard to determine in our league.

Thinking about who "might" be available when I draft are guys like Kyle Pitts, Trey Sermon (RB - San Fran), "maybe"Chase if all of the RBs (Harris, Etienne, Carter, Williams) go first. Have also floated Ridley out there in hopes of getting a haul now with Jones gone but curious what type of value I should be looking for. I'm keeping him unless I get a giant deal.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



I would keep jackson or jones and throw moore back into the mix as there are a ton of mid level WR who are all going to produce around what Moore will. Based on your comment of no one keeps qbs i may lean jones over jackson. At pick 7 in your 1st round you should be able to still grab a decent top wr or running back. As far as trading riddley goes i would hold until after your draft as if you get a multi player deal for him in return you arnt forced to keep 6 and lose 2 early picks which could have been as good as players you receive for him now. It also allows you to see what position you need to target the most. I would also sit down and project out what I expect every team in the league to keep as you may be surprised as to who will be there value wise. This can also impact who i keep as keeping 6 with Moore and jackson may be your best overall value option.



For me, Ridley, Moore, Swift and Evans are players that I would keep in this format...  the next one I would be evaluating is Jackson and IMO, he's probably not worth a 5th round pick.  Value wise I have him as a 6th rounder.  To look at what Thawkprime suggests, IMO, I have Moore as a top 16 WR ( and that is with one rookie in the list), thus keeping him as I think he is more than a mid level WR.  I would not keep Jones at all...his value is too low to keep. 

What would you get if you traded Ridley?  additional picks?  For this format, I am not sure why you would move him.

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I agree with jwsbowler that trading Ridley really doesn't buy you anything as you likely won't be able to return proper value.  I also think keeping the four you mentioned is the way to go (Swift, Ridley, Moore, & Evans).  Moore doesn't cost you anything to keep as there really isn't anybody else I would keep over him.  I suppose Jackson could be a possibility but in a 1 QB league is he worth missing out on a marquee rookie?  Probably not.  Stay the course and shop Jackson for a pick if you can do that.  


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