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Keeper League: Kelce in 2nd or Ridley in 4th? (1 Viewer)


12 Team Redraft league, non PPR,  Std scoring, able to keep one player as a keeper for one year only an then must throw back into the redraft. Have to select the keeper BEFORE finding out the draft order. 

based on the leagues specific keeper rules I can keep

1. Travis Kelce in 2nd round(where I drafted him last year)

2. Calvin Ridley in the 4th round (where I drafted him last year)

3. Odell Beckham in the 14th  round (picked up off of waivers last year)

I am leaning towards Kelce however Ridley in the fourth means I get to start with 2 strong RB's. The only problem with Ridley in 4th is my league becomes QB happy in the 4th and there is a run on qB'S and most likely the top 10 will be gone. 




Forget about value in a keep one league (especially when you have to throw the guy back after one year).  This is a redraft.  Take the best player and that is Kelce based on positional scarcity.  Easy choice for me.  


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