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Keeper League ***Need 1 Owner*** (1 Viewer)


12 team performance keeper league is looking for an active owner. League is going into its 12th year. As commissioner, pride myself on being available, organized, and transparent. League information will be sent upon request.

3 keepers(2 protected, 1 transition), PPR, Production and volume get rewarded, very competitive, busy offseason

$60 entry fee
$2 trades
$2 adds - offseason
Blind Bidding on 1st day of week during season, $1 rest of week

Solid team available
Andrew Luck
Cam Newton
Frank Gore
Alfred Morris
Roddy White
Torrey Smith

Next deadline is July 1st, get down to 5 players.

League is hosted on MFL. We just made the move to MFL within the last 10 days. So we have a fresh start on a new site.

Please PM interest

Thanks for the info-- I am VERY interested--

It 'sounds' similar to the 1st Keeper I was ever in 22 years ago -- A GREAT concept.


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