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Keeper League Openings (1 Viewer)


Openings in 2 existing keeper leagues - both with contracts, salary cap - salary assigned by draft round - keeping lower-priced keepers provides more caproom for drafting more players early in draft - contract as important in deciding on keepers as player's ability

2-keeper Old School Classic FFL

Scoring Rules

$25 -

2 teams available (potential keepers)

Team 10 - Marion Barber, Ryan Grant, L Maroney - all with excellent contracts for drafting better players), Brees, Rivers, Burress, R Williams

Team 11 - McNabb, S Jackson, T Jones, Chad Johnson, Cal Johnson, S Moss, Berrian

4 veteran keepers + 2 rookie contract keepers

Air It Out FFL

Scoring Rules


1 team available (potential keepers)

Team 10

Derek Anderson, Romo, M Barber, Jones-Drew, Westbrook, Holt, Porter, Cal Johnson (rk contract)

Both are slow online drafts that start 8/17

Other League Openings


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