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Keeper league startup (1 Viewer)


1-3 and 10-12 are taken. That leaves 4-9 as possible draft slots in snaking keeper startup - points/head to head league. There will be 6 keepers starting next year with no cost associated. I seem to be looking at this mostly from the perspective of the 1st round. I know I'm going to make solid choices and get value in the following rounds. Safe Bet - Take #4 and get out of round one with a stud (Trout, Cabrera, Braun, Kemp).The Wildcard - Harper...where would you take him (ahead of any of the above or McCutch/Cano/Stanton)? He might even go top 3, pushing the others down. I'm not crazy for having him in the top 9, correct?I like getting an OF here and that can be safely accomplished through #7.I seem to be narrowed down to 4-7. Thoughts?


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