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keeper league trade (1 Viewer)



12 team league, .5 pt ppr, 6 pt td, 1pt per 10 yards receiving/rushing

two person keeper league, I draft 11th in snake draft

I won the league last year and now have Kareem Hunt, Melvin Gordon and Deandre Hopkins to chose from as keepers.  With that, I don't see any way that whoever I don't keep will fall to me at 11th pick. 

I'm thinking of offering Hunt and Gordon for David Johnson and then keeping Johnson and Hopkins.  The David Johnson owner really only has one option as a keeper.  The other option is to find another owner with only one keeper option, trade either Hunt or Gordon for that owners first rd pick.  Thoughts?  Would you keep both Gordon and Hunt and give up Hopkins?  Good problem to have, but still a problem for sure.


I like your idea to try and get an upper echelon (top 3 RB) for Gordon & Hunt.  Each of those guys are solid but have some risk.  It clears you to keep a top 3 RB and WR.  Seems like a good deal for everyone.   If that doesn't work trading one for a 1st rounder sounds like a good idea but I am not sure why someone with an early pick would do that.  But someone with say a 10/12 pick might  Worth a shot.

Sounds like there's no penalty/price for keeping players, everyone just gets two "free" keepers?  In that case you're absolutely on the right track, I'd shoot for the David Johnson trade if his owner will go for it. 

If you can't trade any of them and end up having to let one go back to the player pool, I'd drop Gordon. 

I say go for it.  You can only keep 2 anyways and DJ/Hopkins is better than Gordon/Hopkins and Hunt/Hopkins.  The only real question is do you liike having two high RBs (Gordon/Hunt) or one top RB and one top WR (DJ/Hopkins).  In my league, the latter outproduces the 2 RBs.


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