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Keeper Leagues Since 1999 Free agency starts June 1 (1 Viewer)


Hello fellow Fantasy Football Fanatics,

I have hosted these keeper leagues online since 1999 and they are all updated and ready to go for our 2022 free agency, which will start June first on our bid boards.

Schedule to come: June 1st, free agency, bidding on unrestricted and Restricted free agents (trading allowed during free agency Picks, Players, Fantasy $'s).  August 8th, Rookie/Free Agent Draft to fill all rosters. Add drops & trades open the week prior to the first schedule games.

We have a few teams now up For Sale teams in our Keeper Leagues.  This link will take you to the teams and leagues they are in.  The list will include team for sale rosters, restricted free agents for all teams, links to the other rosters, and homepage, all listed for your review.

Take a look, If interested, teams will be sold first come first serve and do sell out.


e-mail me with your information or if you have questions.




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